How Can Esports Betting Attract Esports Fans?

When you love watching esports, chances are you also enjoy playing these games. But when you’re an esports fan, it doesn’t automatically make you an esports betting fan. 

Although not improbable, esports fans can cross over to esports betting, but it can be daunting for many. Fortunately, there are efforts and attempts from few iGaming companies to guide esports fans as they indulge in esports betting. And the first step is education.

Online betting 101

Providing educational materials on esports betting and making them accessible to many esports fans are important. But when it comes to people who are void of knowledge or experience in betting, knowing how online betting works is the first step.

Pinnacle, an online sportsbook that also offers casino games, maintains a section on its website called Betting Resources. Here, you can browse through numerous articles that serve as your betting guides. The best part is that it covers a variety of sports, one of which is esports. Yes. It maintains a blog category all about esports, especially the popular ones. With Pinnacle’s Betting Resources, not only will you learn how to make a bet on sports online, but you can also learn more about esports betting.

The same initiative has been adopted by other sports betting sites, such as Lineups and ChampionBets. Through these resources, esports fans can hit two birds with one stone, and end up gaining new knowledge of esports betting and online betting, in general.

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Twitch betting

Twitch has come a long way and has become instrumental in this cause in two ways. The first one is by giving esports betting more exposure through what we call Twitch betting.

Twitch betting happens when bettors wager real money on esports matches played by Twitch streamers in real-time. Certain online sportsbooks offer this service, even extending their coverage via Facebook gaming. One of the reasons behind the success of Twitch betting is the mere fact that you’re betting on actual Twitch streamers and not professional esports players. This concept, however, presents some risks as streamers are more prone to game-fixing, which is detrimental to those who place their bets based on the odds generated by the bookmakers.

The other role Twitch plays in esports betting exposure is by simply giving streamers a platform to advocate for esports betting. At present, Twitch allows streamers to play casino games during live broadcast for only 30 minutes, allowing esports players to earn casino revenue. With this rule, streamers who also function as influencers can use this timeframe to reach out to esports fans and introduce them to esports betting.

Esports & esports betting news

Blogs, vlogs, and news articles still prove to be instrumental in promoting esports betting but also tackling the esports industry as a whole. In fact, Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) actively publishes regular updates focused on the ever-growing esports industry, while also presenting the role of esports betting in the said industry. Moreover, EEG has set up to become a platform that will keep players engaged in esports.

Magnus Leppäniemi, VP of Marketing & Head of Esports at EEG, told

“We want to build the best, most secure, and transparent esports betting platform on the market. We are creating experiences, constantly looking for ways for the player to engage in the matches and games. We are going beyond the traditional, sportsbook betting. We have Fanstay games on the leading esports leagues, pool betting, in-game betting and even the casino-style games. Players can watch their favorite esports matches and bet on the action they are seeing on their screens then and there. It’s about making the ultimate esports entertainment destination.”

Of course, is among the several online resources that publishes esports-related news. But our approach stands out as we also puts the spotlight on the role of cryptocurrency in the esports industry and esports betting space.

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